“In over 20 years of software development, I don’t think I have ever met someone who is as talented as Darren. He is one of the very rare people who have a fantastic eye for design and usability, along with the skills to bring them to fruition.”

Ken Golding
CRM Software / Junxure


“I had the pleasure of working with Darren for over two years at Junxure. He was our UX Designer for our Web software, Junxure Cloud. Darren is a talented and creative designer and greatly improved the look and feel of our software, creating a unified, consistent modernized look. He has a knack for understanding the voice of the customer, customer pain points.”

Lynn Page
Director of Project Management
CRM Software / Junxure


“I got to know Darren’s UI skills long before we were part of the same team. He was the go-to resource for best-in-class experiences and eventually had a hand in all the core web projects that we developed in our group. “

Hopeful Owitti
Senior Director, Worldwide Technical Enablement & Readiness


“Darren is one of the most skilled web developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He demonstrated a mastery of his craft well beyond his immediate role as a UI developer, bringing design insights and creative ideas to his projects.”

Matthew Strongin
Senior Director, Enablement Technologies


“Darren isn’t a programmer. He isn’t even a developer. Darren is a technology expert and a catalyst for change. I’d swear he does not know the meaning of the word “No”. The answer isn’t “No”. It’s either “Yes” or “Not that way, this way”. If you give Darren a problem, a goal, an objective, an innovator’s dilemma he absolutely must find a way to help you.”

Vinny Sosa
Director of Marketing Technology


“I’ve worked with Darren for many years. He has an amazing work ethic, he is efficient, creative, and multi-talented. He is able to balance his technical expertise with visual/UX design in a way that sets him apart.”

John Jimenez
Sr. Director, Web Services


“Darren knows his craft and draws on his experience to create beautiful and functional web pages. On more than one occasion, Darren was the only developer on the project that could solve complex issues. In addition, Darren’s excellent communication skills make him a star in any team. “

Dana Hones
Development Manager
Blue Frog Solutions, Inc.


“As an intuitive and gifted Creative, he asks all the right questions. And as a natural Problem Solver, he sees where he needs to go to provide the right solution. Darren is one of those rare individuals, so vital to web design, who is adept at both the highly technical and the highly creative.”

Margie Schneider
Director of Marketing & Interactive
Medical Staffing Network


“Darren is a great creative and technical talent. He is extremely committed to analyzing problems and coming up with intelligent solutions. With a mindful eye on deadlines and requirements.”

JR Linton
Creative Director
Medical Staffing Network


“In every company there is a person to ask when you need a answer — Darren is that person. One of the most creative and proactive people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, his strong ability to manage multiple processes without losing focus or value has always impressed me.”

Linda De Lucca
Chief Operating Officer
Webstream (formerly WePerform.com)


“We often faced with new technological and creative challenges for which we had no internal experience. Darren became our regular go-to guy who could work with clients, internal teams, vendors and on new challenges usually through great uncertainty. He has a rare combination of deep emotional intelligence, organizational and communications soft skills which he combines with deep technical and creative hard skills.”

Michael Zammuto
Project Manager
Visual Fire


“Darren was the lead technology guru and programmer for Capstone back in the day. He constantly educated himself and honed his ability, all the while programming jobs and teaching others in the company. One of the most unique qualities of Darren as a tech guy was the creativity that he brought to his work. He could hang with our best designers and program at the same time. “

Scott Allbee
Creative Director
Capstone Studio